About us

Do what you love, and love what you do

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” Will Durant

Our Heritage

Avec has evolved over the years… adapting to the changing trend and need within the retail landscape.

Avec UK was founded in 2012 and managed by Becks Beere. The business model is simple, yet dynamic. Refining the business is a constant evolution with greater emphasis on design origination, and partnership with customers.

Avec has become part of the concept, design and development process. The result is product manufactured in direct consultation and partnership with the buyer.

“We’re experts in several product categories, and know how to turn an idea into reality. From initial trend and market research through to designing standout packaging, our attention to detail on every project reflects our determination to succeed. After all… we only succeed if you do.” Becks Beere
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We design and produce
great products

If you haven’t heard of us already, it's probably because we do such a great job our customers want to keep us focused on their business.

Becks, The Boss
Ed, Show me the money
James, Rhythm is a Dancer
Katy, The force is strong.
Penny, Lover of dinosaurs
Vic, Creative Pixie
Mel, Pocket Rocket
Kirsty, Licensed to thrill
Alice, Crazy cat lady
Nadine, Craft Evangelist
Claire, Ships and Giggles
Kat, What’s new Kitty Kat?
Ben, Bearded Wonder
Lewis, Houlston, we have a problem
Lorraine, A-Mazing with numbers
Lucy, Everyone Loves Lucy
Steph, Make mine a Gin
Sophia, Hello Kitty!
Dan, The Apprentice
James, Tie aficionado
Claire, Licensed to Twirl
Stuart, Queen of the GIFS
Declan, Quality Guy
Jordan, Marvel Guru
Katie, Quality Street
Holly, All the Moves
Mim, Rage Against the Sewing Machine
Morgan, Captain Morgan
Chantelle, Mine’s a Tea!
Sarah, Photoshop Princess
Lyndsey, I’m too Saxy
Susan, Eyes and ears
You got this

Our Philosophy

We love to listen! We work in close partnership with customers, to deliver product that meets price, product, design and margin goals. Without our customers we don’t have a business, so we like to make ourselves indispensable… and have a lot of fun along the way.

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